Bichon Bolognese

Ilustracia Bichon Bolognese

hereinafter referred to as “Veteran Club Champion” were introduced and approved by the Members’ Meeting in St. Jura on 21.3.2015.

  • The dog must receive at least 3 x “excellent 1” grades from Club, Special or other shows in which BKS participates in the organization.
  • “Excellent 1” grades must be obtained exclusively in the veteran class.
  • The owner of the dog fills out the Application for the award of the title of Club Veteran Champion of Beauty, which he sends along with pedigrees, reports from exhibitions to the address of the exhibition officer, whose address is indicated on the application for the award of the title.
  • The exhibition officer will accept and assess the application. If it is in order, he assigns the given dog a serial number and issues a diploma under this number. If something is missing in the application or it is unauthorized, he will send a written statement to the dog owner at the given contact address. The exhibition clerk has the right to mark the acquisition of the Club Veteran beauty champion in the dog’s pedigree – in the results from exhibitions section.
  • The diploma together with the winning cup will be presented to the owner of the dog at the next membership meeting.

We don’t have any Club Veteran Champions yet.