all members and future members,
, to directly attach the PROOF OF PAYMENT OF THE FEE to the club's account to club applications,
as well as to other paid requests. With documents,
follow the rule of stating the subject of the email message.

Please send the completed application electronically to the address of
the club registrar

Rules for publishing a breeding individual
– current club membership, i.e. membership fee paid
– passed credit rating with breeding result in your country or a completed exhibition with an excellent rating, entry in the studbook of your country
– passed medical examinations
– sending a photo in the exhibition position and a profile of the head
– copy of pedigree to the exhibition officer.

Please fill out the application for the award of the club
championships and send them along with the necessary documents to the
email of the club’s exhibition officer, in the subject of the message,
put “BKS Championship”.