Club Grand Champion

You can find the list of title holders within the individual breeds in their menu.

The rules for awarding the title of Club Grand Champion of Beauty, hereinafter referred to as “Club Grand Champion”, were established and approved by the membership meeting in Svaty Jur on April 20th, 2013.

  • The dog must already hold the Club Champion title.
  • The dog must obtain at least3 x CC title at a Club, Special, or other show organized by the BKS club, or participate in it organizationally
  • “CC” titles must be earned in Champion class only.
  • Majiteľ psa vyplní Žiadosť o udelenie titulu Klubový Grand šampión, ktorú odošle spolu s rodokmeňom, posudkami z daných výstav a “CC” kartičkami na adresu výstavnéhoj referenta, ktorého adresa je uvedená aj v žiadosti o udelenie titulu.
  • If a “CC” from the champion class has already been used for the earlier award of the “Club Champion” title, the owner cannot use it for the award of the “Club Grand Champion” title = he must obtain 3 new CC titles. The correctness of the use of CC titles will be verified by the exhibition officer when verifying the application for the award of the title.
  • The exhibition clerk receives and assesses the application. If it is in order, he will assign the given dog a serial number, under this number he will also issue a diploma to the dog. If something is missing in the application or it is unauthorized, he will send the papers back to the dog owner’s address, along with a statement. The exhibition clerk has the right to mark the acquisition of the Club Grand Champion of Beauty in the dog’s pedigree – in the results from exhibitions section.
  • The diploma together with the winning cup will be presented to the owner of the dog at the next membership meeting.