Bichon à poil frisé

hereinafter referred to as “Club Champion”, were changed and approved by the members’ meeting in Svaty Jur on April 21, 2012.

  • The dog must be at least 15 months old.
  • The dog must obtain 4 x CC title at a Club, Special, or other exhibition organized by the BKS club, or in which it participates in the organization.
  • “CC” titles can be earned in Intermediate, Open, Champion classes.
  • Titles must be obtained in at least two show seasons.
  • The owner of the dog fills in the Application for the award of the Club Champion title, which he sends together with the pedigree, reports from the given exhibitions and “CC” cards to the address of the exhibition officer, whose address is also indicated in the application for the award of the title.
  • The exhibition clerk receives and assesses the application. If it is in order, he will assign the given dog a serial number, under this number he will also issue a diploma to the dog. If something is missing in the application or it is unauthorized, he will send the papers back to the dog owner’s address, along with a statement. The exhibition official has the right to mark the acquisition of the Club Beauty Champion in the pedigree of the dog – in the results from exhibitions section.
  • The diploma together with the winning cup will be presented to the owner of the dog at the next membership meeting.

49/2022 JAMESON MY LOVE Danco of Amber
46/2020 CYPRUS Muffin Orchidee Blanche
43/2019 CHANTALL PAMPLONE Starobělský les
42/2019 HEINEKEN M&M Bull
37/2018 FLOA White Candlemas
31/2017 JASMINE CINTIA BABY Haščíková
27/2017 VIA VICTORIA Danco of Amber
26/2017 BELLA CRYSTAL Kate´s Velvet Paw
25/2017 BOND JAMES BOND Kate´s Velvet Paw
23/2016 ETHEREAL GIRL Charnett
16/2015 QUANTO Danco of Amber
13/2015 FLOWER DORIS Haščíková
11/2014PASCAL Danco of Amber
09/2014 QUICKSILVER Danco of Amber
08/2014 BEATRICE PETIT MUFFIN Orchidee Blanche
06/2012 CONY-CLEO BELIBOY Haščíková
04/2012 OLIVIA Danco of Amber
02/2012 BUSK-ARCHER Haščíková
00/2010 HONEY TAO Danco of Amber