Specialty Show 11.09.2022

Bichon BologneseMale Youth ENJANICKA NIGHTFALL VG1Male Open KŐBÁNYAI PELYHES JANNE – Ex1, CAC, BOB, Special Show Winner, BIS3Male Veteran BELLISSIBOLO ALBERTO – Ex1, BIS Veteran1Female Puppy FREYA ŠIBALSKÉ LABKY – VP1, BIS Puppy1Female Open BELLISSIBOLO ELISA ESTELLA – Ex1, CAC, BOS, Specialty Show WinnerFemale Champion TERRY PRINCESS LUMA TOMIO – Ex1, CACFemale Honour BELLISSIBOLO BELLA […]

Invitation to the Special Show

Bichon klub Slovensko would like to invite you to the Special Show with the submission of CAC and CAJC When: 11.9.2022Where: Czajlik Ranch Dunajský KlátovJudge: Leoš Jančík/CZEntry in exclusively through the portal: www.clubdogshow.skMore information: HERE Download Propositions